From April 20th to the 22nd – 2012, Saito Jukucho will be teaching an international seminar in Spain. This will be Saito Sensei’s first seminar in Spain and it will be in the city of Santiago de Compostela. Santiago is a very famous city for the apostle St. James is believed to be buried here. Since the 9th century that thousands of people go on pilgrimages to this city (the Way of St. James). The old part o the city is also considered an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Well worth the visit.

The group of Aikidoka from Santiago is led by José Veiga a long time student of Morihiro Saito Shihan and also of Hitohira Saito Shihan. This will definitely be a wonderful seminar and we believe that everybody should attend without fail.

Please refer to the Facebook event: I Seminario Internacional Aikido Dento Iwama Ryu
or check Santiago’s page: Asociación Galega de Aikido Dentou Iwama Ryu
Come and join us! You will definitely enjoy this seminar taught by the world’s top authority on traditional Aikido, Hitohira Saito Jukucho.

Saito Sensei in Santiago