Sensei’s Words – July 2013

Time is passing quickly, it’s like being swept away by a flood.

I can’t believe it, because when I was younger the time seemed to pass so slowly that I was often board or irritated by it . [ When I was learning to cook and in the summer time, when it was very hot, I would be training, the sweat pouring off me and I would feel time was passing very slowly.]

I remember my father would often say, ” I don’t have enough time and can’t waste even a second. Because the day may come when we have to teach Aikido to foreign people.”

My father spent a long time thinking about how to teach Osensei’s Aikido.

This year is the 13th anniversary of my father’s death.

I’m getting old but fortunately 2 of my sons have learned Aikido. However they are still young and need to keep training.

In japan, we say, ” parent’s advice is like cold sake”, it affects you after a while.

I thought about this just before OBON.