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Dear Friends and Teachers,

Greetings from Alessandro and Tristão,

As you know, the 10th anniversary of Iwama Shin Shin Aikishurenkai is coming up next year and Sensei would to celebrate this with an Honnou Enbukai in the famous Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, on  June 14th, 2014. It is a great honor to be able to do a demonstration in this very important place and we also feel that it is indeed a great honor and joy to be able to participate in this Important Event together with Sensei and other famous teachers and excellent Iwama Ryu practitioners.

Ten years ago, Iwama Shin Shin Aikishurenkai was a small group of followers of Morihiro Saito Soke and his son, our present Soke, Hitohira Saito. Today we are present in all continents with the exception of Antarctica. Every year many dojos ask to join us, after checking out our technique and history. Everybody knows that it is indeed a privilege to be studying this marvelous Way under the successor of Morihiro Saito Soke.


We are both currently very happy and feel privileged to assist Sensei with the organization of this event. The enbutaikai will be the main event but we will also have a special party at the Meiji Shrine and of course we would like to have the presence of all national representatives and dojo-cho of Iwama Shin Shin Aikishurenkai. As such, this letter will be sent to over 30 countries and to almost 100 dojos.

If you are able, or not, to come to this important and unique event of our international organization, please consider helping the production of this event with a special donation. This is not only a tradition in Japan but will actually help a lot, and we know that everybody always wants to help in any way they can.

This donation can be placed in an envelope properly identified with your name, or dojo name and country, and can be given to Sensei directly in the next seminars:

We would appreciate if this donation would be made in Yen! This is more polite and proper. If you are unable to attend any of the seminars, you can always ask someone to help you out with this work, or send it directly to Iwama via postal order to: Hitohiro Saito, 26-2 Yoshioka Kasama-shi Ibaragi-ken Japan.

Some general information about the event: 

The event, as mentioned, will take place indoors at the famous Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. The place where the demonstration will take place is called: Sanshuuden (meeting hall). A special bus will be chartered to transport the participants from Iwama to Tokyo and back. It is important to be ready to go at least two hours before, as it is usual in Iwama. The event will start with a religious ceremony, which all dojo cho will attend together with Sensei and his family. From 12:00h to 14:00h there will be the enbu itself and then from 15:00h to 17:00h we will have the celebration party. After that, we will leave by bus again and maybe stop at Mt. Atago Lodge and/or a Hotel in Tomobe.

In Iwama the total amount of uchideshi will be 50. So, as soon as you receive the inscription form, please fill it in and send it to us. We really hope to see you at this important event. Please write to us if you need any assistance with this matter. Please contact us for more information on the conditions of staying in Iwama during this week.

Thank you very much, Alessandro and Tristan

Alessandro Tittarelli: info@aikidodentoiwamaryu.com

Tristão da Cunha: aikishurendojo@gmail.com

You can send your inscription form through the following links:




Please ask us for an inscription form in Japanese and French