From the 28th to the 30th of March, Saito Sensei will be in Brazil to conduct a seminar in the city of São Paulo. São Paulo is known for having the largest Japanese population outside Japan and also the largest population of people that have Japanese descent.

The dojo that invites Juku Cho is a very active Iwama Shin Shin Aikishurenkai dojo led by José Silva Sensei: Aikishurendojo Dento Iwama Ryu – Brasil

Come and join us in this important Latin American seminar in the extraordinary city of São Paulo.

Alessandro Tittarelli and Tristão da Cunha  Senseis, two 7th Dan of Iwama Ryu, will also attend this seminar. Many of the main teachers of Latin America will also come to train. Come and train with them.

Sao Paulo seminar 2014