By José Silva

Photographs by Ana Falcão

Brasil 2014 1

Aiki Shuren Dojo Brazil has had the honor of receiving Saito Hitohira Sensei for an International Koshukai in Brazil. The seminar was held at São Paulo Colégio Pré-Médico Gymnasium, from the 28th, to the 30th of March 2014.

Participants from various cites of Brazil (São Paulo, São Bernardo, São Carlos, Riberão Preto, Curitiba, Ilhéus, Rio de Janeiro and Nova Friburgo) and from other countries (Argentina, Chile, Itália, Portugal, Rep. Dominicana, Uruguay, USA e Venezuela) attended this important koshukai.

The event started on Friday 28th of March, with a welcoming speech to Hitohira Saito Soke, Alessandro Tittarelli Shihan, Tristão da Cunha Shihan and all the ISSASK LATAM KYOKAI teachers and participants.

Saito Hitohira Sensei taught the following techniques at the Koshukai:

Brasil 2014 2

Friday 28

1. Bukiwaza Keiko – Ken no Suburi

2. Taijutsu Keiko – Kihon waza: Tai no Henko + Kokyu Ho + Ikkyo + Nikyo

Saturday 29

3. Bukiwaza Keiko – Jo no Suburi

4. Bukiwaza Keiko – 13 Jo no Kata / Awase

5. Taijutsu Keiko – Kokyu Nage

6. Bukiwaza Keiko – Ken no Kumitachi + Henka

7. Bukiwaza Keiko – Kumijo + Henka

Sunday 30

Special Keiko – Aiki Ken Gi Nuki Sashi

8. Bukiwaza Keiko – 31 Jo no Kata Awase

9. Taijutsu no Keiko – Kihon Ushiro Waza

As usual Dan examinations were held during the seminar and the following students were approved for Shodan: Christian Morabito (La Plata Aiki Shuren Dojo), Iván Alvarez (Aiki Shuren Dojo Chile) and Leandro Oliveira (Aiki Shuren Dojo Brasil). Congratulations to all them!

Saito Sensei went sightseeing in São Paulo to places such as:

“Mercado Municipal” (local huge food market), Down Town, the Jardineira Restaurant where we ate the traditional “Churrasco” (BBQ Brazilian style; we also visited Mogi das Cruzes and others country side cities nearby São Paulo. Finally after the seminar we visited the Japanese Migration Museum at the Bunkyo and the Bairro da Liberdade (Japanese Quartier).

We a dinner in honor of Sensei on Saturday night at a Traditional “Churrasco” (BBQ) restaurant, joined by all the students. The party was held in an environment of great camaraderie and relaxation.

We hope to have Saito Sensei as soon as possible back in Brazil!