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Kobenhavn 2017

It was with great pleasure that Shin Shin Aikido Copenhagen hosted an international seminar with Hitohira Saito Sensei in April 2017.

The seminar took place at a former Japanese folk high school in the countryside outside of Copenhagen. Twelve (12) different countries were represented and made up a great big group of uchi-deshi training, eating and drinking together.

Sensei explained many important points, especially regarding irimi-nage and ken-tai-jo and 3 people successfully passed their shodan and sandan test.

Compenhagen 2017 2

Next time Sensei is in Europe will be the 10th of November in Paris, France. Sensei also reminded us that Waka Sensei will come to Stuttgart, Germany, 23-24 of September.

We wish to thank Sensei and all the participants for a wonderful seminar and look forward to seeing him again.
Copenhagen 2017 3

Sigurd Wiingaard Uldall

Saito Sensei in Indonesia – 2017

2017 Hitohira Saito Sensei Indonesia Third Koshukai

Indonesia 2017 1

Saito Sensei’s Third Indonesia Koshukai was held on March 25th – 26th, 2017. The Koshukai took place in Alam Sutera Sport Center, Serpong – Tangerang. The exciting event was attended by 80 Aikidokas from various countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Canada. Tireless Kiai and spirit were burning during the 2-days event!

Indonesia 2017 2

Saito Sensei started the 1st day koshukai with bukiwaza, in which sensei gave detailed explanation on the importance of basic ken gamae and ken no suburi. Furthermore, Saito sensei also cover step-by-step ken no awase and its connection with kumitachi.

Indonesia 2017 3

Fundamental techniques such as tai no henko, morote dori kokyu nage, shomenuchi ikkyo marks our second day of koshukai. The training proceeds with kotegaeshi, shihonage and iriminage. The main message that Sensei tries to convey is the importance of keeping shite’s balance while breaking uke’s balance so as to seize the techniques’ momentum.

Indonesia 2017 4

During our dinner, sensei explains how aikido training should be treated similarly as spiritual training. The purpose of spiritual training is to cleanse our body and soul; the same should be applied to Aikido training. It is therefore important to train every step entailed in the kihon-waza, down to the point where it gets into your bones. Last but not least, sensei also said that the ultimate purpose of our Aikido training is to unite people, regardless of religions and race.

Indonsesia 2017 5

Thank you sensei for the teaching!
Arigatou gozaimashita Sensei!


Slovakia seminar Kurilla budokan

On the 3rd of March 2017 Mr. Saito Hitohira Kaicho, opened the demonstrations of Private Security High School in Bratislava.
The Demonstrations were attended by his Excellency, the Japanese ambassador in Slovak Republic, Mr. Jun Shimmi, General JUDr. Tibor Gaplovksy, Col. Ing. Miroslav Ištván (Guard of Honour Commander of the Slovak president), Col. JUDr. Vladimír Vyskoč – National Antidrug Unit) and many other prominent guests. His Excellency and Saito Sensei were given Private School Plaque of Thankfulness.

Group pic 2017

Currently, there are about 250 students in 10 classes. Demonstrations were made by each class separately, which were judged by his Excellency Jun Shimmi a Saito Hitohira Kaicho. The two best classes were appreciated by the triumphal cup and individual students by medals. A pedagogue, the former representing member of judo and teenager club Kurilla Budokan, also attended the demonstrations. Afterwards, Sensei was invited for dinner at the Residency of His Excellency the Japanese Ambassador and spent there couple of hours in a very interesting and pleasant conversation.

The next day, 4th March, started the first day of the seminar, which was attended by 94 participants from 9 countries, Italy, Germany, Austria, UK, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The atmosphere was excellent and very friendly. Sensei explained a lot of important details.

The Saturday evening was completed by a banquet on the ground of the Private Security High School. Hopefully, all the participants had the same great feeling and experience as we did.
Our great “Thank you” goes to the Sensei for his precious time and patience as well as to all the participants for creating that great atmosphere. We are looking forward to the next seminar under the direction of Sensei in 2019 in Bratislava, which will be the time of the 30th celebration of the foundation of our club.
We are very pleased by the positive feedback of shihan Alessandro Tittarelli, shihan Sergey Botov, Thomas Podzelny, Alexey Obvintesev and many others.

Pictures will probably say more about the atmosphere of the seminar…

Kurilla Budokan Team

More pictures of this important event, can be found here.

Sensei’s 60th Birthday anniversary

group picture sensei birthday

On the 11th of February 2017, there was a big party in Iwama, to celebrate Hitohira Saito Jukucho’s 60th anniversary.

In the morning, many of Sensei’s students and family members got together in the Tanrenkan to spend some time with Sensei and take personal and group pictures with him.
Dressed in formal kimono, both Sensei and Okusan looked very dashing and distinguished. Everybody wanted to take pictures with Sensei and with the couple.
Pictures were taken with Sensei’s extensive family, children and grandchildren.
Then a group picture was taken with all the guests and students.
After this, all the group walked to Yoshi, a fabulous restaurant near the Tanrenkan, owned by Kazunari-san, Sensei’s nephew.

The food was very delicious and in great variety. Beautiful and tasty dishes were presented to the guests, in a continuous flow, for about two hours. Sake, shochu, beer, wine, whiskey, all drinks possible were included in the superb menu. Desert too was served.

Sensei was presented with traditional gifts by his grandchildren and also he received many others from students and guests.
During the party there were some amusements by the guests as well as some very interesting speeches made by Sensei.

Finally the party was over and many guests proceeded to the Shin Dojo for the traditional second party. In an ambience more relaxed but much more merrier, Sensei entertained his guests and students for a few more hours.

Everyone had a very nice time and was very happy to join Sensei on this special occasion.

From overseas Stefan Kurilla, Mats StrÖmgren, Malou Klock StrÖmgren and Tristão da Cunha also came to celebrate this important event with Sensei.

Congratulations, Sensei, on this important occasion.
Many happy returns!

Sensei and hisakkosan

Sensei and family 2017

SEnsei 6oth

during the party



Thank you very much to Tim Haffner, Nahoko Okada Attey, Takemusu Aikido Goteberg and Hisako Saito, for the pictures.