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April 29, Kai remembering 2013 Morihiro Saito sensei was held. During Tai Sai, on April 29, there was a special traditional ceremony held at the Shin dojo, during which there was also held a Memorial Service in honor of Morihiro Saito Shihan, on the 11th year after he left us.
Several dojos participated in this important event, such as the dojos from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and several others from very far away.
Also present at this ceremony, there were more than 30 practitioners and important masters – both uchideshi and sotodeshi – from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Venezuela. In all it was a very happy lively meeting of friends from all over.

Everybody had a very nice time during this Memorial Day in honor of Saito Sensei and to celebrate the Tai Sai.

2013 Saito Morihiro Sensei Remembrance Day


This year this event was held on Monday April 29th. It was a beautiful day with few clouds in the sky.

The event began at around 10pm when people from all over Japan began to arrive at the shin dojo in Iwama. This year there were representatives from Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. As well as branch dojos from around the Ibaraki area. As well as friends of the dojo from other martial arts disciplines.

Last year there were not many uchi deshi. This year however there were over 30 from America, The UK, France, Venezuela and Russia.

By twelve O’clock we were ready to begin the shinto ceremony that is held on the 3rd floor of the Shin Dojo. The ceremony was performed as always by Takahashi San and concluded with offerings of Sagaki being placed on the kama-dana by several guests.

After the ceremony was concluded the party began. First were a couple of speeches one by the Major of kasama and another given by the Iwama area’s assemblyman.

After the speeches were over the party began. As usual a good time was enjoyed by all although for the uchideshi sitting cross-legged on the floor for hours can prove to be an ordeal.

The party finished at around 5:30 and with so many uchi deshi it was not long before the shin dojo was clean and tidy.

Kagami Biraki in 2013 at the Tanrenkan

Kagami Biraki was held at the head quarters of Iwama Shin Shin Aikishurenkai – the famous Tanrenkan- on the 20th of January. About 100 people were present in this ceremony, amongst whom there were some of the O’Sensei’s students, famous Aikido masters from various parts of Japan and of the world and other famous Budoka masters and practitioners. Most of the Japanese dojos were represented with the exception of 3, because their representatives had important previous engagements. At 10am, Takahashi sama, the Shinto priest, led the 40 minute ceremony part of which. Many people also participated in the tamagushi, an important part of the ceremony.

tomoki takamura tamaguchi
Saito sensei 2013 b

After the ceremony, the honno enbukai was held whose master of ceremonies was Tadayuki Ogoshi Shihan, a long time student of the Great master Morihiro Saito and one of the most prominent members of the Foundation.

Murata shihan

Very important people participated such as Koji Murata Shihan, Alessandro Tittarelli Shihan, Kaijiwara senseis from Osaka and friendly Motoyuki Takamo sensei from Nagoya, Masashi Okubo sensei from Sendai and Makoto Otaka Sensei from Tokyo, and of course Waka Sensei Yasuhiro Saito and at last our master Hitohiro Saito Kaicho. Our master demonstrated suwari waza and tachi waza techniques as well as kumijo.

Rie Kajiwara Tittarelli shihan Yasuhiro Saito sensei

A guest budo practitioner of the Sekiguchi Ryu also demonstrated excellent sword techniques. Other soto deshi and uchideshi also took part on this important yearly event, amongst whom there was a large Italian group, and representatives from other countries such as Russia, Corea, England, France, Argentina, USA and many others. A group of children, students of the Young Master Yasuhiro, also participated in the enbukai.
The celebration party after the enbukai started at 11:00h and lasted until 17:00h. At the beginning of the party, Sensei also made a speech.

senseis speach 2013

After the party, as it is tradition at the Iwama dojo, there was a second party at the Shin dojo and then a third party at Waka Sensei’s restaurant, the Yamabiko.

The Kagami Biraki is one of the most important events of the year in Iwama and as such it was very nice to see some many people from so many and distant parts of Japan and of the world.

SAito sensei 2013

Congratulations to Sensei on this important event and congratulations to everybody who worked very hard such as Mrs. Saito and family, Okoshi sensei and of course all Iwama students and uchideshi.
We hope that next year the event will be even bigger with more participants.
Meanwhile, do not forget the Iwama Shin Shin Aikishurenkai annual demonstration this coming June. Please keep attention and reserve some time to participate in this important future event both attending the demonstration and participating in it.
Let us all go there!

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We would like to thank very much to the above gentlemen for permission to post some photographs about this event.