ISSASKI 2013 Seminar Review

The Indonesian Shin Shin Aiki Shurenkai 2013 Seminar marks a major milestone in Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shurenkai development in Indonesia.
The event which took place in Alam Sutra Sports Center, Tangerang – West Java (February 2nd to 3rd) act both as the first seminar conducted by Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shurenkai Indonesia and Saito Sensei’s first seminar in Indonesia.


According to our record, a staggering number of 110 active participants during the two-day open Koushukai have been achieved. It was an unforgettable moment where aikidoka(s) from various region all-around Indonesia and other neighboring countries gather on the training mat to learn directly from Hitohira Saito Soke.

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Saito Sensei spent the 1st day of seminar teaching us the basics of Aikido, such as attitude towards trainings, how to put our heart toward training, kamae, Tai no henko, Morotetori kokyunage, and morotetori kokyu nage henka, katatori kokyunage, katate tori shihonage, katate tori shihonage henka.

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Saito Sensei explaining different stances and their respective space utilization during the 1st Seminar Day

The 1st seminar day consisted of 2 sessions with the first session spent on teaching the basics (as mentioned above) and the first-half of 2nd session to review it. During the 2nd session, Saito sensei also added other waza(s), such as kotegaeshi and shihonage into the routine.

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Saito Sensei spent the 1st Seminar day teaching the basics of Aikido techniques in throughout manner


The 2nd seminar day initially started again with a review of the basic lessons taught from the 1st seminar day. However, the overall 2nd seminar day was spent mostly in teaching the basics of BukiWaza, such as Ken & Jo Suburi.

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The key message as communicated by Saito Sensei during the 2 days seminar was to always be aware of the relationship between TachiWaza and BukiWaza.
Everyone is impressed how Saito sensei sincerely tought us with details, like a diamond, perfections is in details.
Arigatou Sensei, Honto ni Arigatou!
Ferial Lukman, Erick S. Lauw, David Chrissandy
Administrator of Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shurenkai Indonesia FB Page.