T he International Shinshin Aiki Shurenkai Demonstration and Seminar took place in Bratislava , the capital of the Slovak Republic , from March 22nd to 28th.
After an afternoon seminar workshop dedicated to ken (suburi) the demonstration started at 18 :00 on the 24th,

More than a hundred people representing 13 countries participated in the demonstration in front of three thousand audience members. Most of the participants came from Europe. This demonstration, punctuated by strong and clear sounding kiai, obviously reached the spectators’ hearts and we received a storm of applause.

I was honored to note the presence of the Japanese Consulate-General of the Slovak Republic at the demonstration.

The seminar was attended by over 160 people from 23 different countries. Many of the participants came from Russia and I hold up great hope for their dynamic collaboration. I feel very happy that they have joined our organization.

Landing at Narita airport on the 28th at 9 :00 Japan greeted me with newly blooming cherry blossoms.

Hitohiro Saito.