Kobenhavn 2017

It was with great pleasure that Shin Shin Aikido Copenhagen hosted an international seminar with Hitohira Saito Sensei in April 2017.

The seminar took place at a former Japanese folk high school in the countryside outside of Copenhagen. Twelve (12) different countries were represented and made up a great big group of uchi-deshi training, eating and drinking together.

Sensei explained many important points, especially regarding irimi-nage and ken-tai-jo and 3 people successfully passed their shodan and sandan test.

Compenhagen 2017 2

Next time Sensei is in Europe will be the 10th of November in Paris, France. Sensei also reminded us that Waka Sensei will come to Stuttgart, Germany, 23-24 of September.

We wish to thank Sensei and all the participants for a wonderful seminar and look forward to seeing him again.
Copenhagen 2017 3

Sigurd Wiingaard Uldall

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