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SAITO Hitohira seminar Rennes nov2014 web97bMore than 120 participants joined this third international seminar in Rennes. It was a real pleasure to welcome people from Danemark, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, England, Jersey, United States, Japan and of course France.
During this seminar, Sensei laid the emphasis upon the importance of focusing on Hara during techniques and explained how to improve it by using respiration and meditation work. Sensei also showed us the importance of spirals generated by our center to multiple directions into many techniques. He focused also on the necessity to relax the upper body to use the strength and power from the lower body (hara, hips and legs) to perform techniques.
To illustrate these essential points, Sensei drew two calligraphies “GAI KYO NAI JITSU KI BUKI” and “JOU KYO KA JITSU RASEN”. He gently offered them to the new Dojo created in Rennes.
This third seminar was a real opportunity to reinforce the strong links between the different Dojo and Aïkidoka. SAITO Hitohira sensei really rallied everybody under his incredible Aikido and showed us the importance of being all together to practice and feel such powerfull instance. Sharing moments in and out of the tatamis to link people is an important reality of Iwama Shin Shin Aikido and Sensei’s attention to all of us gives a lot of sense to it. Definitively a way to preserve Ô sensei’s spirit.

Olivier Eberhardt
Rennes – France.

SAITO Hitohira seminar Rennes nov2014 web94b

SAITO Hitohira seminar Rennes nov2014 web69b