The above mentioned organization’s goal is to contribute to the health of society, using the practice of Iwama Aikido left by its founder, Morihei Ueshiba. The organization aims to do this by helping individuals’ spiritual and physical development using the practice of traditional Aikido. The Shinshin-Aiki Shurenkai organization also aims to contribute to adolescents’ mental and physical heath, and to develop international exchanges. Such goals lead the above mentioned organization to concretely engage in the following activities:

  1. Social and educational activities
  2. Contribution to urban development
  3. Cultural, artistic and athletic activities
  4. Activities aimed at developing international exchanges
  5. Activities aimed at developing juvenile mental and physical health
  6. Any activity of support, advice, teaching etc. related to the above mentioned activities.


Non profit activities

  1. Research traditional Aikido
  2. Prepare and conduct Aikido seminars
  3. Prepare and conduct Aikido demonstrations
  4. Plan and engage in urban development activities
  5. Plan and engage in educational activities for adolescents
  6. Participate in international exchanges
  7. Communicate with the organization members and with other interested parties

Other activities

  1. Business activities
  2. Issuance of Aikido certifications


Organization name: Non Profit Organization Shinshin-Aiki Shurenkai

Headquarters: Tanrenkan, 53-1 Yoshioka, Kasama-shi, Ibaraki-ken , Japan 319 0203

Contact: iwamajuku@ybb.ne.jp