2020 Schedule

January 12 – Kagami Biraki in Iwama

November 25 ~ December 1 – Slovakia, with Hitohira Sensei

December – Susuharai in Iwama

7:00-9:00: Morning meditation and bukiwaza (Starting time varies according to season).

18:30-19:30: Evening taijutsu

9:00-11:00: Sunday mornings (9:00-9:45 bukiwaza, 10:00-11:00 taijutsu).

There is usually no training on Mondays.

Dojo: Tanrenkan

Admission fee: JPY 5,000

Monthly training fee:

  • JPY 8,000 per month: All evening training sessions and Sunday mornings.
  • JPY 10,000 per month: morning bukiwaza sessions.
  • JPY 6,000 per month: Sunday mornings only.

Accomodation: Possible (Validation needed from Dojo Representative)

Uchi-deshi: Contact us for any inquiry related to short stays
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