Jukucho schedule for 2017

Hello everybody,
Here is the Sensei’s schedule for next year.
Please remember that this schedule might change without prior notice.

We wait for you in Iwama and in international seminars.

Until 5th January, approximately – New year holyday

2017 Schedule

January 15 – Kagamibiraki

February 30-8 – Philippines gasshuku

February 11 – Sensei`s 60th anniversary party

March 3-5 – Slovakia seminar

March 24-26 – Indonesia seminar

April 8-9 – Oosaka seminar

April 21-23 – Denmark seminar

June 10 – Iwama enbukai (international demonstration)

June 23-25 – Panama seminar

September 23-24 – Germany Waka Sensei

October 13-15 - California seminar

November 10-12 – Paris seminar

November 18-19 – Sensei will be absent

December 9-10 – Nagoya seminar

2 thoughts on “Jukucho schedule for 2017

  1. Ian Kennedy

    Hello, Kennedy here.
    I believe that Sensei planned to come to California in 2017. This was discussed during Sensei’s last visit.
    October 13, 14, and 15.
    Please reply.
    Thank You


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