Saito Sensei in Indonesia – 2017


2017 Hitohira Saito Sensei Indonesia Third Koshukai

Indonesia 2017 1

Saito Sensei’s Third Indonesia Koshukai was held on March 25th – 26th, 2017. The Koshukai took place in Alam Sutera Sport Center, Serpong – Tangerang. The exciting event was attended by 80 Aikidokas from various countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Canada. Tireless Kiai and spirit were burning during the 2-days event!

Indonesia 2017 2

Saito Sensei started the 1st day koshukai with bukiwaza, in which sensei gave detailed explanation on the importance of basic ken gamae and ken no suburi. Furthermore, Saito sensei also cover step-by-step ken no awase and its connection with kumitachi.

Indonesia 2017 3

Fundamental techniques such as tai no henko, morote dori kokyu nage, shomenuchi ikkyo marks our second day of koshukai. The training proceeds with kotegaeshi, shihonage and iriminage. The main message that Sensei tries to convey is the importance of keeping shite’s balance while breaking uke’s balance so as to seize the techniques’ momentum.

Indonesia 2017 4

During our dinner, sensei explains how aikido training should be treated similarly as spiritual training. The purpose of spiritual training is to cleanse our body and soul; the same should be applied to Aikido training. It is therefore important to train every step entailed in the kihon-waza, down to the point where it gets into your bones. Last but not least, sensei also said that the ultimate purpose of our Aikido training is to unite people, regardless of religions and race.

Indonsesia 2017 5

Thank you sensei for the teaching!
Arigatou gozaimashita Sensei!