SAITO Hitohira sensei – Aikido International seminar, Rennes (France) – November 2019

It is with a presentation of an extract of the book “Explanation of Kojiki Kotodama” by Onisaburo DEGUCHI that SAITO Hitohira sensei opened the 5th international Aikido seminar in Rennes. From November 8 to 10, 2019, more than 140 practitioners of 15 nationalities found themselves on the tatami mats to follow Sensei’s teaching.

Special attention was given to the technical fundamentals and the spiritual aspect of Aikido. The principles of “Misogi” and the notion of “Kokyu” in Aikido were at the heart of this course. The Keiko, physical and spiritual training aims to improve and change our habits, body and mind patterns.

The technical program focused on the study of Aiki-ken (suburi, shiho giri, happo giri and kumitachi) of Aiki-jo (suburi, kumijo and jo dori) and taijutsu (shomen uchi, ryo kata dori, ushiro eri dori). The advanced sessions were devoted to the study of the Tanken dori and Ken tai jo. The children of Dojo DOKAN in Rennes were able to participate in the opening session of the course. Sensei captivated their attention while pointing out key points of ken practice that were aimed at both children and adults.

SAITO Hitohira sensei invited practitioners to correct their training habits through a constant and rigorous practice that allows the purification of our senses. He emphasized the important need to work on oneself individually and in relation to the other to improve oneself. During this seminar, a time was devoted to meditation and highlighting the fundamental concepts of Aikido.

This profound work which engages each of us in a martial search, of technical and spiritual correctness of harmonization with others brought closer all the participants.

The presence of Sensei and his teaching have developed an intensity of practice in a benevolent atmosphere. The many exchanges developed between practitioners have helped to make this course unique.

We sincerely thank SAITO Hitohira sensei for his presence and the quality of his teaching and thank all the participants for these shared moments.

Olivier Eberhardt

Student of SAITO Hitohira sensei

Dento Iwama Ryu Aikido France

Photos © : BOISSELIER Franck

Delegations present: USA, England, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Morocco, Turkey, Japan and France.