A word from Saito Hitohira Sensei

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak and the global lockdown situation, Saito Hitohira Sensei would like to adress all of the people training Iwama Shin Shin Aikishurenkai across the world.


Dear Iwama Shin Shin students,


First of all, I would like to express my deepest concern about the this global corona virus situation. My heart goes out to those who had been preparing for the events or the seminars which were supposed to be held this year.

Recently humanity has been confronted with a worldwide enormous difficulty. In the sweep of history, however, humans have evolved by being often attacked by viruses and bacteria.

Speaking of what we can do now, it is to live our daily life practicing both mind and body purification through Misogi as Aiki teaches us.

And now might be the time for us all to reconsider our own selves as we are staying home.

O Sensei, the founder, said in his oral teaching, “You can even train Aikido with your eyes closed or without going to the dojo if you get in such situation.“*

Please keep training and faith to the Kami (deity in the Shinto religion). I am looking forward to the day when we will meet healthily again and train with you all together from bottom of my heart.



Hitohira Saito Headmaster of Iwama Shinshin Aiki Shurenkai

岩間神信合気修練会長 齊藤 仁平


* Translation was done litteraly as we didn’t want to misinterpret O Sensei’s words. This sentence can be understood in such way : Aikido has numerous techniques but they all rely on common principles, refered as Riai. If you understand these principles you can throw the partner even with your eyes closed. Or you won’t need a partner or the teacher as you can learn by yourself.
Such Kuden or oral teaching have deeper levels of understanding, which is why we added this little explanation.


Translation by Nakajima Miki